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Recreational Clubs


Recreational Clubs

Recreational Clubs

Recreational clubs provide proper leisure activities and bring everyone happiness and harvest. Recreational clubs consist of clubs of music, dancing, martial art, singing and instrument lovers. They hold lectures and offer opportunities of communicating during the semesters. Each club is invited to give performances frequently. They won the national competitions as well. “Play more, learn more.” As long as you have the enthusiasm for learning, you will learn the most matching professional knowledge and techniques after joining the clubs. In addition, recreational clubs often interact with other schools by holding competitions and workshops each year. Recreational clubs also play an important role in each large-scale activity on campus.

Recreational Clubs
Bai-sha Piano Club

Bai-sha Guitar Club(For freshman)

Bai-sha Guitar Club(For cadre)

Bai-sha International Folk Dance Club Bai-sha Band Music Club
Ku Dance Dancing Club Bai-sha Harmonica Club Han-yin Zither Club Fan-yin String Music Club
Bai-sha Chinese Traditional Music Club Bai-sha Chinese Traditional Music Club Bai-sha Mountain-Climbing Club C Major Key Choir

Bai-sha Sigh Language Club

Bai-sha Fire Dance Club