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Academic Clubs

Academic ClubsAcademic Clubs

Academic Clubs are different from other clubs. The purposes of club development or the activities are more static. They focus more on the development of humanities and art. These clubs hold a variety of academic and art exhibits and conduct researches in a semester, which are helpful for psychological and spiritual promotion of teachers and students in the school. Academic clubs enrich the members with a wealth of knowledge. They are all-inclusive; no matter what kind of subjects you like – calligraphy, photography, cultural communication, table game, handicraft or religion, you can find your paradise here. It is said that “Learning is like a drill which excavates a deep will of knowledge; questioning is like a key which opens a gate of doubts.” Come and join us! Let’s learn together.

Academic Clubs
Photography Club Bai-sha Calligraphy Club Magic Club Handicraft Club
Xing Ku Club Buddhism Club Table Game Club Leadership Club
Cultural Communication Club Bliss and Worship Youth Club Creative Robot Club Teacher Club
Ecology Protection Club Bible Gospel Club Anime Club Debate Club
Chinese Medical Club Astronomy Science Club Buddha Club Popularization of Science Club
International Communication Club