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Fitness Clubs


Fitness ClubsFitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs are for those who have great enthusiasm for exercise. These clubs will usually have outstanding achievements in annual competitions. Large interschool competitions and small games in the club will be held every academic year. Students can not only exercise to gain health but also receive the knowledge from the lectures of the coach. The coach will teach club members the skills and the gestures of exercise, and arrange the training schedule in accordance with the conditions of the club members. Besides, these clubs will participate in the national competitions, hoping to earn a place in the College Cup. The fitness club is just like a big family where schoolmates will offer you advices about life and skills, and where people can find friends with the same interest.
Fitness clubs
  Bai-sha Martial Arts Club Aikido Club Boxing Club Extreme Skating Club
Baseball Club Billiards Club Basketball Club Tennis Club
Kendo Club