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NCUE Office of Student Affairs
165 Anti-fraud hotline

165 anti-fraud advisory

v In order to prevent scam NPA set up "165 anti-fraud 165", provide people to consult.

v When eveer you get a strange phone call, you can call "165" and there will have someone to explain and help you to judge if it is a scam.

v Please tell everyone to fight against crime and prevent the scam.







Code of prevent scam

1.If you get a unknow phone call, watch out! Scam is happening。

2.Communication software、FB、Chat、Game. If other ask you to give them the password of GASH, this is scam。


3.Asking for money, message or official document, it is scam.

4.ATM can't remove layaway plan, ask you to operate it on ATM is scam.


The way to report scam


1.Report phone

Complaints Line for criminal case:0800211511

2. If you get a based swindles message resend the message to this number


3.Criminal Investigation Bureau